The Main Reasons Why Insurance Providers Refuse To Offer Injury Victims Their Rightful Payments

If another person's negligent acts make you suffer severe bodily harm, you can seek payment for your losses through their insurer. When you do this, the insurance company should offer you a payment up to the wrongdoer's policy limit. Unfortunately, the insurance provider might not offer you the payment you need. Instead, they might raise the arguments discussed below to claim that you don't deserve a substantial payment or even refuse to pay you. When they raise them, hire a legal advisor to fight for you to ensure you get your rightful settlement. Here's more on how they refuse to offer payment.

You Played a Role in the Incident

The agents representing the insurance company might accuse you of playing a role in the incident that caused your injuries. Therefore, they might argue that you should only get a fraction of your demanded payment. Further, the insurance company might also claim that you are not supposed to get any payment because you were more liable than their client. When the insurance company raises these arguments, enlist the services of a lawyer to fight for you. In such a case, they will get evidence to prove that you never played a role in the accident and that you deserve a substantial settlement for your losses.

You Failed to Take Measures to Mitigate Damages

Insurance representatives will use every opportunity to lower your payment. For example, they might use the photos you post on your socials to claim that your actions worsened your condition. In this case, they might argue that you have ignored your doctor's orders and should take responsibility for your medical expenses. To avoid such issues, your lawyer will advise you not to post photos that might suggest that your condition is less severe than you reported.

You Can't Prove You Suffered Damages

You must provide sufficient evidence proving you suffered damages to get your rightful payment. If you don't, the insurance company will offer you a payment that they feel will cover your losses. Unfortunately, their offer might be much less than what you deserve. This is why you should ensure that you have compelling evidence of your accident-related expenses before payment negotiations start. You will be pleased to know that your lawyer can assist you in getting the necessary documents that will prove you've incurred significant financial losses. For example, they will present receipts and invoices you've received from all the facilities where you've sought treatment since the wrongdoer injured you.

If you're planning to seek payment through the insurance company that insures the person who hurt you, talk to a personal injury lawyer before doing so. They will discuss your case to know the arguments the insurance agents may raise to reduce your payment. Your lawyer will then get evidence to challenge these defenses and ensure you get your rightful payment. 

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