Useful Services That Divorce Lawyers Provide In Contentious Cases

Even if you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse get along with each other and want to keep your marital end as amicable as possible, you may find yourself soon embroiled in contention and disagreement. You may no longer agree with your spouse about how your marriage should end. You also may have qualms about how the marital assets should be divided.

Rather than try to solve the disagreements on your own, you need to hire an attorney to help you. Experienced divorce lawyers provide vital services during contentious cases and help resolve legal issues that spouses cannot settle themselves.

Answering the Question of Custody

Divorce lawyers inevitably find themselves involved in the question of how child custody should be settled when they represent parents who are divorcing. The parents may not agree to share custody, for example. One parent may even levy accusations of abuse and neglect against the other parent.

Divorce lawyers in these cases, then, have the legal obligation to represent their clients' best interests and those of the children in court. They can make petitions to the judge to find in the favor of their clients and allow children to remain with the most stable parent. Divorce lawyers can also file for child support to help clients obtain the financial means to provide for the children placed in their primary care.

Resolving Disputes Over Marital Property

Divorce lawyers can also help resolve issues that arise over the division of marital assets. You may have property that you want to keep and not allow your ex-spouse to get. However, your spouse may say that the property belongs to him or her and that you have no right to it.

Divorce lawyers can step in and settle who has the right to keep the property. They can prove ownership based on evidence like titles and receipts. They can show that their clients brought the property to the marriage or that they were gifted it and therefore allowed to keep it by law.

Finally, divorce lawyers can petition courts to reinstate clients' maiden names after divorces. If you no longer want to be associated with your married last name, you can include a name change in your divorce court filing.

Divorce lawyers are skilled at handling a number of contentious legal matters for clients. They can resolve issues regarding child custody and division of assets and also file name change petitions.

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