Understanding Wrongful Death Suits

Losing a loved one to the negligent actions of a business or person can be very difficult. It's natural for some survivors to want justice for their loved one. Others may only realize the need to take legal action when they consider how their loss is affecting their family in a financial manner. To gain a better understanding of what will happen with a wrongful death suit, read on.

What Survivors Need to Watch Out For

To protect your rights to take legal action against a business or person, be careful with your communications with the other side's legal or insurance representatives. They might call you after the accident and want to speak with you about the accident and your losses. Before you speak with them, speak to a personal injury lawyer. That way, you won't be affecting your ability to seek compensation from the other side.

Another thing to be aware of is the offer of a settlement. Rather than go to court, the insurer for the other side may offer you a settlement. Some survivors hear a large number being offered and make the wrong decision. Let a personal injury lawyer figure out how much you are owed. Then, let them take over the contact with the other side. They can negotiate on your behalf to obtain a settlement that not only avoids going to court but that also provides you with adequate compensation after the loss of a loved one. If you accept a settlement offer and later learn you should have been offered more, you have no recourse – a settlement is final.

Dealing with an Insurer

When your loved one passes away and they had life insurance, you may be confused about how things work. If the circumstances of the death met the life insurance requirements, those named as a beneficiary will be paid. This is not the same thing as a settlement from the business or person who is covered by their own insurance policies. When you are paid by a life insurance policy, it is not affected by any legal case you have against anyone. However, if you are having problems with the life insurance carrier after a loved one's death, speak to your lawyer about what can be done to rectify matters.

If your family depended on a loved one to provide financial support, you may be eligible to take action in a wrongful death suit. Speak with an accident injury attorney to find out more.

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