Reasons to Immediately Retain a DUI Lawyer

If you are ever pulled over and detained for a DUI charge, whether you are guilty or innocent, you are going to want to make sure that you are immediately enlisting the services of a DUI lawyer. Don't talk to anyone about anything until you have been given your legal right to counsel. If you are not sure why that is, you will want to continue reading. Here are two reasons you should retain the services of a DUI lawyer right away:

Your Lawyer Will Be Able to Tell How Strong of a Case They Have against You

If the police have a weak case against you, they are not going to tell you that. They will hope that you are going to slip up and incriminate yourself so they can strengthen their case. The only way you are going to know how strong of a case they have against you is to speak to a defense attorney. They will have a lot of experience with cases just like yours and they will be given the chance to review the evidence they have against you if there is any evidence at all.

Your Lawyer Can Help Protect Your Driver's License

If you would like to be able to continue to easily get to and from work, drive your kids around, or run errands with ease, you will need to figure out a way to keep your driver's license. It will be easier if this is your first offense, but even if it is your second offense, a DUI lawyer might be able to help you keep it. They can work with the district attorney's office to come up with a more suitable punishment for you if you plead guilty or are found to be guilty according to the judge. You might even up with increased fines or community service, but it will be worth it if you get to hang on to your driver's license.

Now that you are a little more aware of why obtaining legal assistance immediately upon being arrested for a DUI charge, you will want to remember to refrain from speaking until your lawyer arrives. They will counsel you on what you should and should not say. In some cases, they will want to do the talking for you. This is because while what you can be held against you, what your attorney says cannot be held against you. They also know how to carefully tread through this sensitive legal matter in order to hopefully get you the best end result.

For additional information, contact a DUI lawyer in your area.

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