Are You Being Watched By The Workers' Comp Insurer?

If you have a case against your employer's workers' comp insurance carrier for a work-related injury, you might be subject to an investigation. Workers' compensation insurers are wary of workers who fake or exaggerate their injuries to obtain benefits fraudulently. While only a tiny percentage of workers do that, the insurers may still view claims with suspicions in some cases. To find out what could make your claim come under suspicion and what to watch out for, read on.

When Claims Come Under Attack

Hurt workers are entitled to be paid for their injuries if they occurred because of their jobs. However, certain types of claims may be more likely to face problems. If your injury occurred under the below circumstances, you have reason to be on the alert:

  • Your claim involved an injury that occurred gradually. For instance, carpal tunnel syndrome can take months to develop and worsen enough for the worker to file a claim.
  • Your claim involved mental health issues.
  • You were out of town on a business trip at the time of the injury. You are supposed to be covered but the insurer may need a lot more evidence about the injury before they pay you anything.
  • You suffered a similar work injury in a previous job.
  • Your work accident had no witnesses.

What to Watch Out For

Almost anyone who has been hurt knows that recovery does not travel in a straight line. Hurt workers have good days when they feel better, but that day can be quickly followed by a bad day when they suffer a setback. Unfortunately, insurers who don't want to pay a claim may try to catch you on a good day and use that to allege that you are not hurt and should return to your job. Here is how to avoid that issue so you can be paid the benefits you need:

  1. Abide by your doctor's orders in regard to physical activity and don't overdo things.
  2. Don't return to work until your doctor orders you to do so.
  3. Never go out in public without your crutches, walker, brace, wheelchair, and other things you need to get around.
  4. If you are not supposed to be driving, don't drive to a doctor's appointment by yourself.

You may end up having problems with your claim no matter how careful you are. Speak to a workers' compensation law firm like Williams & Swee about your case and get the benefits you deserve.

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