Getting Your Worker's Compensation Case Over With

If you're in line for a worker's compensation insurance settlement, things can seem to take forever. Being hurt due to an on-the-job injury can mean that you are owed money for an injury that never fully healed. When you are unable to return to your job, you may be offered a sum of money that is supposed to relieve some of the financial strain that comes from not being paid a regular salary. To help you get that case settled faster, read on and follow the tips.

Get Help from an Attorney

You might be like a fish out of water when trying to deal with the worker's comp insurers without help. Worker's compensation rules, laws, and intricacies can be complex and difficult to cope with. Fortunately, there are lawyers who practice employment and worker's compensation law who understand exactly what needs to be done to get the maximum amount of compensation for your permanent injury. Just retaining legal representation is likely to make the insurers sit up and take notice of your case. Having an attorney to represent you shows how serious you are about your claim and getting paid fairly.

Ask for What You Want

Hurt workers are entitled to be paid a certain sum of money and other benefits once they have been ruled to be permanently disabled. The amount of worker's comp lump sum settlements vary depending on your circumstances and is based on things like:

  • Your age, education level, and job experience.
  • Your previous salary.
  • Your level of disability. You might be partially disabled or 100% disabled.
  • Common settlements in your area.

You and your attorney will arrive at a figure and negotiations for a final settlement may take a few days or a few weeks.

Cooperate with the Worker's Compensation Firm

You may be asked to provide additional information or to participate in an independent medical examination (IME). The IME is used to find out more about your physical state and the extent of your injury. Most workers who refuse to send in required forms or undergo medical exams will find their temporary benefits cut off and their chances of a settlement reduced considerably. Be aware of short time-lines to comply with requirements.

Attend Mediation and Hearings

Most states require workers to attend mediation if an agreement cannot be reached on the settlement. It can difficult to reschedule meetings, hearings, and sessions since they often involve various legal representatives and state officers. Be sure to make time to attend and take these hearings seriously.

Speak to a worker's compensation lawyer about how to make the settlement process smoother and more successful.

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