Injured At Work? 4 Ways To Be On Top Of Your Workers Compensation Claim

If you've been injured at work, you're probably wondering about what you should do next. If you haven't notified your employer, you need to take care of that as quickly as possible. Delaying the reporting of your accident could hinder your ability to receive proper care and compensation. Once you've reported the accident to your employer, here are four things you need to remember. These tips will help you avoid complications as your case proceeds through the proper channels.

Be Honest About the Accident

Filing for workers compensation benefits will require a great deal of paperwork. It will also require you to seek medical care. During the process, it's crucial that you be honest about the accident, including how it happened. You'll also need to be honest about the injuries you've sustained and how they're affecting your life. When discussing the events surrounding the accident, honesty is imperative. Your employer will be discussing the incident with anyone who may have been present. If their description of the events vary substantially from your description, you could have problems with your case. It's also important to remember that your employer may have video of the incident. Being completely honest about the events will help prevent complications.

Be Wary of Social Media Pages

If you're in the habit of sharing your life on social media pages, you'll want to cut back on that while your workers compensation case is active. Anything you post on social media can be used to discredit your workers compensation claim. This is particularly true when it comes to posting pictures of yourself involved in activities that your doctor has precluded, or making comments about your plans for the money you'll receive from your settlement. To protect your workers compensation claim, try to avoid your social media pages until your case is settled.

Be Diligent with Doctors Orders

When you've suffered an injury, it can be easy to fudge on the doctors orders. However, when you're dealing with a workers compensation claim, that's the last thing you want to do. First, your doctors orders are designed to ensure a complete recovery. Second, the insurance company will be hoping that you ignore the doctor's orders you receive. If you fail to follow the doctors orders, the insurance company can use that against you. Protect your benefits by diligently following all doctors orders as you receive them.

Be Ready to Hire an Attorney

You may have decided to proceed without a workers compensation attorney. That might work out for you short-term. However, you need to be ready to hire an attorney at the first sign of a problem. In fact, it's a good idea to schedule a consultation with an attorney right away. That way, you can avoid those potential problems.

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