Four Services An Attorney Can Assist You With Regarding A Possible Divorce

Getting a divorce is a big decision to make, and there are a lot of things you should know before deciding on a divorce. Consulting with a divorce law attorney before this decision can help you understand your situation and allow you to make informed decisions. The following are just a few things a divorce attorney can help you with.

They can explain residency requirements

Although you don't have to file for a divorce in the state you were married in, most states have residency requirements. An attorney can explain what they are in your state. In addition, there may be residency requirements in the county that you are living in. If you and your spouse are recent arrivals to the state, you may have to delay your divorce for awhile.

They can explain the issues when your spouse is in another state

If your spouse has moved to another state or perhaps you were the one who moved, your divorce can become complicated. There are issues involving jurisdiction. Sometimes the courts in your state may have jurisdiction over your marriage but not the property that resides in another state. Of course, divorce is still possible, but an attorney will be able to explain the laws as they apply to your marriage and the assets that you and your spouse share.

They can help serve court papers

Serving papers to a spouse who is living with you or in the same city is straightforward. But if your spouse is living with you, you will need to serve notice of the divorce. If your spouse is located in the same town as you, this will not be a big problem either. But if your spouse lives a far away or in another state, it becomes more difficult, but not for an attorney with experience. Not only will your spouse be served, but he or she will then get an attorney, and your attorney can then communicate with your spouse's attorney, and the process will go more smoothly.

They can help locate a spouse

In some situations your spouse may have left a some time ago, but neither one of you ever got around to making your marital split official. It is not uncommon for two people to lose track of each other. You may have reason now to want a divorce. Perhaps you want to get married again. A divorce attorney can help locate your spouse and move forward with a divorce.

Divorces can be complicated, especially when a spouse is not living with you, living across state lines or even missing. In situations like these, an attorney is essential. They can cut through the complexities of state divorce laws and make the divorce process easier.

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