Should You Always Seek Bail?

If you are ever arrested, you will usually be offered the chance to meet bail. Getting out of jail as quickly as possibly seems like the smart choice but is it ever a good idea to stay in jail while awaiting trial? Although in rare cases staying in jail may be preferable, usually bailing out is the best course of action.


Even if bail is set rather high, you can often pay a fee to a bail bondsman who will then post the entire amount for you. Obviously, bondsmen make money from this process, usually ten percent of the bail amount. They then secure the rest of the bail bond against your assets. You will not get the ten percent back, no matter what happens with your case because that amount represents the bondsman's profit. If you do not have assets, your friends or relatives can put up their money and their assets to get you out. Some people may choose not to go with bail if the money they are "gambling" with is not their own. For instance, you may not want your elderly parents to potentially harm their finances to help you. Of course, they will only be liable for the full bail amount if you don't make all court appearances as you should. If you have the money for bail, you should probably choose bail due to a number of reasons. 

Jail Time

Unless you are in danger from someone who is currently free, staying in jail is usually not a good idea. Jails are simply a very unpleasant and sometimes dangerous place. You will be vulnerable to other inmates, plus you may be tempted to talk too much. You will have a lot of time on your hands, and jailhouse snitches are real and not just something you see on television. Although the time you spend in jail will count toward your sentence if you are found guilty, you have a better chance of the case being dropped if you are out of jail. You can also take positive steps to improve your life and prepare a better defense. 

If you are ever charged with a crime, seeking bail is usually a good idea. Although getting out of jail can be expensive, staying in jail poses a number of dangers. If someone does put up the ten percent charge for you, they will not get that money back. Remember this fact and pay them back as soon as possible. 

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