How an Immigration Lawyer Can Help You

Do you have a friend or family member who wants to move to the United States? Are you both getting a headache from trying to decipher exactly what's needed for him or her to come to the US legally? For the average person, moving to the US can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are lawyers who can help with your decision. Here are some ways that an immigration lawyer can help your friend or family member:

Filing paperwork: In order to become a citizen of the United States, Federal Immigration Services require the potential immigrant to hold a valid visa first. But there are dozens of visas possible, and your friend or family member may qualify for more than one. Some of them may have yearly limits or extremely strict requirements, while others may be slightly easier for your friend or relative to obtain. An immigration lawyer can help your friend or relative choose the visa that fits their current status.This includes making sure that the application has a good chance of success and of eventually leading to citizenship. The lawyer will also stay on top of deadlines so that your friend or relative isn't denied due to lack of documentation.

Experience: A good lawyer will have dealt with Immigration Services before and be familiar with what happens. If there is no word back on the application immediately, you might be inclined to worry. However, the lawyer might tell you that visa applications and renewals tend to be backlogged around this time of year and that nobody should worry. If the application is lost somehow, the lawyer will know who to contact in order to make things right again.

Brushes with the law: If your friend or relative accidentally speeds or otherwise inadvertently commits a crime while on American soil, he or she will likely be worried that this can hurt any chances for citizenship and whether or not Immigration Services might revoke his or her visa. If they are actually arrested, the police may threaten deportation, even if that is extremely unlikely. A good lawyer can help to straighten things out with the police. While an immigration lawyer won't be able to defend against things like parking or speeding tickets, the lawyer can provide proof that your friend or family member is in the country legally. If necessary, the lawyer can also put your friend or family member in touch with a criminal lawyer who will be able to defend him or her from the charges.

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