3 Things To Take Pictures Of After A Car Accident

The old saying about pictures and words is more true than many people realize. If you have been in a car accident, the statements that are given by you, the other driver and any other witnesses are important, of course. However, any photographs that you are able to take can make a big difference in your case, too. Luckily, nowadays many people have smartphones and other devices close at hand, making it easy to snap photographs at a moment's notice. If possible, consider taking these three types of pictures after a car accident to help your case out later.

1. Any Cars That Were Involved

If your case ends up dragging out, there is a chance that all of the cars that were involved will either be fixed or crushed before anything actually happens. This means that it's important to take photographs of each vehicle for evidence. Take pictures from all four sides of each vehicle, and take pictures of the license plates. This will provide a visual image of what each of the vehicles looked like after the accident and is an easy way to capture the license plate information.

2. Any Injuries That You Sustained

Of course, it's true that not all injuries that are sustained in car accidents are visible. Pain in your back or neck might not be able to be seen, for example, although there may be some swelling or bruising that you can capture in a photograph. If you do have visible injuries, no matter how minor they might seem, it's good to take a picture of them. There is a good chance that scrapes, burns and bruises will heal up before you ever make it to a court room, so taking photos now -- as well as throughout the healing process -- can be smart.

3. Any Signs of Road Conditions or Road Signs

Are you able to capture any potential causes of the accident with your camera? For example, if there is snow and ice on the ground, you may want to snap a picture. If speeding was a factor in the accident, consider taking a photograph of the speed limit sign, while ensuring that the surrounding area is visible in the picture. You can also take pictures of skid marks or other similar markings on the road, too.

Your camera can come in handy after a car accident, so remember to use it. These are three things that you should take a photograph of if possible, but taking more pictures of other things that you think might be relevant can also be helpful.To learn more, contact a law firm like Hardee and Hardee LLP.

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