Child Custody Agreements: When To Consider Modification And How To Do It

If you're currently working with a child custody agreement that just doesn't seem to be working out any longer, it may be time for a change. Below are a few common situations that will call for a change and how you can go about modifying the custody agreement.

Major Life Changes are Taking Place

While your child is, of course, your number one priority, life happens. Unexpected major life changes, such as a new job or moving, take place and it may affect the order you currently have.

These life changes may offer you and your child better opportunities and a brighter future, but they could also interfere with the custody order that's been put in place. If you're suddenly working different hours or are required to relocate, requesting a custody change may be necessary to ensure you're still getting time with your child while also providing for their needs.

The Needs of the Child Have Changed

As your child ages, the custody agreement put in place at the beginning may no longer be what they need. Your child's needs will play a significant role in the current custody agreement and whether a formal change needs to take place.

Perhaps your child is beginning to become more serious about a sport they've previously played and the other parent can provide them with the support and transportation they need. Or maybe your child has developed a medical condition that requires specialized care, and one parent is better equipped to provide that. Whatever changes are taking place in your child's life, it's important to consider them when reevaluating the custody agreement. The agreement is there for your child's best interest, and that will certainly change over time as they grow.

How Is a Custody Order Modified?

Modifying a custody agreement that's already in place isn't as simple as making plans with your child's other parent. Instead, the modification of a custody order requires the courts to be notified of the change and either a hearing to take place or an agreement to be signed by both parents.

If both you and the other parent agree to the change, a simple agreement will need to be drawn up, signed, and presented to a judge who will usually put it through unless there are obvious negatives for the child. If the other parent is not in agreement with the change, a hearing will take place where you'll be required to present your side and determine whether the child's best interests are being met.   

If you're considering requesting a child custody modification, it's best to consult with a family law attorney. While most custody modifications are open and shut, there may be circumstances that can make the agreement modification more difficult, and having an experienced attorney on your side will be for the best. 

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